Sunday, November 2, 2014


Number Appearing: 10-100 (per hive)
Size: 6" tall
Armor: Hover, dart about at blinding speed
Resilience: As delicate as can be
Intelligence: Give the appearance of higher level of intelligence than they actually possess
Communication: Buzzing speech seems extremely complex and nuanced but they really don't have much of substance to say
Disposition: Hateful, only laugh when they come across trapped victims and oh what a terrible sound it is
Violence: Tiny claws, bite w/relatively weak paralytic saliva, by tiny weapon
Enemies: Bothersome dungeon residents and intruders
Aims: Dungeon fairy supremacist ideology hard-wired into psychology, unshakably bigoted against everyone else

  • Use inherent magical powers to create and maintain fiendish traps and pitfalls from which they harvest their prey, secretly following maintenance teams of dungeon fairies around will reveal location of most traps, magical gas traps a favorite, locations marked by tiny sigils
  • Hives found in dark corners, suspended among stalactites, hanging beneath giant mushroom caps, built onto the shells of giant dungeon snails with whom they share a symbiotic understanding
  • Ferocious if driven from hive, attack as swarm, attempt to paralyze prey with bites 
  • Sizable swarm able to strip a human-sized victim of flesh in less than one minute, bones then processed with saliva into raw materials for hive-building, feeding triggers nearly immediate population explosion, each individual lays single egg, one day later freshly-hatched brood flies forth to seek site for new hive
  • Constant molting, epidermis sloughs off as scintillant dander used widely by sorcerers and other unsavory types as powerful mental stimulant, overdose = debilitating stroke and/or instant apoplectic death, violent smashing of hives release potentially lethal clouds of the stuff
  • Popular rumor indicates that dungeon fairy hives are frequently loaded with gems, a vicious lie

Treasure: No interest in wealth themselves, but territories littered with the discarded goods of otherwise completely processed victims

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