Friday, November 14, 2014


Number Appearing: 12-120
Size: 6 feet tall
Armor: Bony plates equivalent to chain mail, sometimes carry shields
Resilience: As per experienced human warrior
Intelligence: Sub-average human range
Communication: Bark out orders and acknowledgements thereof in piercing high-pitched shrieks capable of resounding over vast distances, language composed of almost 100% battlefield jargon
Disposition: Stern, highly disciplined, seethe with battle-lust beneath composed exteriors
Violence: Standard issue spear/pole-arm, scimitar and/or javelins, bite when convenient
Enemies: As designated by their creator, lord, and master, Chaos godling Shaggath-Ka
Aims: Only following orders
  • Continuous waves of reinforcements provided by the hideous, blood-guzzling, self-fertilizing Drone-Wives of Shaggath-Ka, who produce millions of eggs at a go, deposit them in the Worm Pits where a terrible cannibalistic struggle ensues, only 1d6 hundreds of adult worm troopers emerge per batch
  • Unshakable morale, once set to a task by their master or his high priests, worm troopers sacrifice their lives toward these ends without the slightest hesitation
  • Subjected to thorough training in battle tactics under tutelage of the priesthood, but must constantly combat powerful innate urge to commit all available forces in single all-out frontal assault
  • Encysted in stasis-goo then shipped to secret storage chambers in numerous strategic locations around the Underworld, magically activated as needed by Shaggath-Ka or his priesthood
  • Often deployed via colossal, fast-tunneling carrier worms, stored in transport gizzard until disgorged in desired location

Treasure: Sometimes encountered returning to their master's realm laden with the spoils of Underworld war

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