Friday, November 7, 2014


Number Appearing: 1-4
Size: 14-18 feet long
Armor: Thick hide equivalent to chain mail, parry incoming attacks with dynamic mandibular action
Resilience: As five human warriors
Intelligence: Just enough to receive and carry out simple orders ("Kill them! Kill them ALLLL!!!")
Communication: Answer yes or no questions with emphatic head movements
Disposition: They like battle, that much is for certain, otherwise inscrutible
Violence: Scimitar-like mandibles expertly employed to take human foes apart at the seams, increased chance of dismemberment
Enemies: Any who would oppose their master, Shaggath-Ka
Aims: Kill for the glory of their creator
  • Special creation of Chaos godling Shaggath-Ka (the Worm Sultan) as anti-personnel battle worms for long-prophesied war with humanity, deployed as elite to bolster standard worm troopers in internecine struggles with fellow godlings
  • Attend high priests of The Worm Sultan as personal guard
  • Bloodhound-like tracking ability
  • If given sufficient room to mount charge, able to bowl over human-size troops like stampeding bull
  • Never quit, never surrender, totally lacking any interest in saving own skin, utterly devoted to their deity and its flock
Treasure: None of their own but often accompany members of the priesthood loaded with cash and prizes

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