Monday, November 17, 2014


Number Appearing: Unique
Size: 7 feet tall
Armor: Highly damage resistant ape-bronze armor
Resilience: As ten human warriors, immune to fear and pain
Intelligence: An erudite scholar of Classical Ape philosophy and literature
Communication: Speaks fluent Underworld common as well as several apish dialects
Disposition: Swollen with self-confidence but has been around the block and doesn't trust anyone
Violence: Massive ape-bronze sword equivalent to powerful enchanted weapon, not above bludgeoning with mighty fists and delivering a savage bite as necessary
Enemies: Several prominent Underworld sorcerers and vampires, wanted for high crimes and treason by grey men of Castle Ziro
Aims: Quests for the semi-legendary Grand Pleasure Dome of the Slug-men
  • Set sail from home city-state in native dimension (one in which intelligent carnivorous ape society has developed many parallels to Earth's ancient Greece), struck by inter-dimensional maelstrom, washed up on shore of Underworld sea, among the bodies of his cohorts and the ruins of his ship
  • Following period of insane bewilderment and grief-stricken rampaging during which his reputation as an unbelievable badass was cemented, settled into career as hired tough guy for a series of Underworld potentates and Chaos godlings
  • Recently left employment with the Warlords of the Steam Vents during their dispute with the Church of the Fire Fluke and carries a sizable severance package in gems
  • Has acquired moderately inaccurate map of the Underworld with route plotted for possible location of of the Grand Pleasure Dome, indicates several extremely dangerous obstacles in his path ahead
  • Has no idea that the "overworld" exists, it just hasn't come up in his dealings with Underworlders
  • Hair-trigger sense of personal honor, never misses a slight, never lets a challenge go unanswered
  • Would love to perform one of the epic poems of his culture to any who might indulge him: its 4 hours of rhythmic fist-pounding and chanting in High Apish 

Treasure: Ape-bronze weapons and armor, while unusable by human-size creatures, can be reforged into superior arms and armor (equivalent to enchanted items), a fortune in gems

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  1. This chap will certainly have the chance to go ape in one of my dungeons.