Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Number Appearing: Unique
Size: Approximate human size
Armor: Soft and fleshy but moves with startling quickness
Resilience: As three human warriors
Intelligence: Exceptional but scrambled by plight
Communication: Only remembers a handful of magical languages, rarely intoned outside of spell casting, speaks like an even-more-depressed Neil from The Young Ones
Disposition: Extremely morose
Violence: Spells, powerful constricting embrace
Enemies: Doesn't remember
Aims: Formerly ambitious, now a chaotic wanderer lacking any sense of purpose
  • Once a powerful adventuring sorcerer whose pursuit of a more resilient form landed him in a grossly mutated housing of rubbery, heavily muscled appendages
  • Mind and will shattered, amnesia almost total but for the list of spells memorized at the time of his life-changing experimental transformation, each of which return to his mind daily without effort
  • Inclined to avoid unnecessary conflict, but if attacked will unleash eldritch hell
  • Sleeps hanging by his tentacles among the stalactites, steals/forages for food of the finest quality available, solves problems with limited list of incantations, sometimes hurling a fireball when a mere charm person would do
  • Will request and, if indulged, promptly guzzle any and all booze or wine available for consumption
  • Booze and wine will loosen his tongue as regards any nearby treasures and/or dangers he has spotted in his meanderings

Treasure: None, but may know locations of any riches proximate to area of encounter


  1. The Young Ones reference should let me give you +10, nevermind +1.

    Vegetable rights and peace!

  2. This creature is very disturbing. I can hardly wait to use it!