Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Number Appearing: 2-12
Size: 4 to 4 1/2 feet tall
Armor: Stone tissues equal to plate armor, blades do half normal damage
Resilience: As two human warriors
Intelligence:  Hapless dupes by nature
Communication: Can just manage simple speech, receptive language skills remarkable 
Disposition: Cheerful saps
Violence: Incredibly strong, bludgeon/rend with mighty fists, by weapon
Enemies: As designated by current master
Aims: To serve

  • Bodies composed of flexible stone, powered by internal furnace, eat anthracite coal by the cartload, but any fossil fuel will do in a pinch
  • Interior temperature close to 3000 degrees, penetrating thick exterior layer (generally fatal for stone boy) releases jet of super-heated liquid iron, spray endangers any within 10 feet
  • Exhale foul black smoke, clouds of noxious smog eddy around large work forces
  • Originally created as servitor race by a godling called Stone Mother, since destroyed under mysterious circumstances
  • Find fulfillment in performance of menial tasks, work tirelessly, no sleep or rest requirement as long as generous payment in digestible fuel holds out, immediately walk off the job if for any reason payment is withheld or delayed, rumored to have raised a pyramid in a fortnight
  • Immune to fear of any kind, view combat as enjoyable sporting event
  • If fuel supply exhausted, slip into torpid state, requiring magical re-ignition of internal furnace,  in the majority of encounters with stone boys they will be found frozen in statue-like condition
  • Scattered after disappearance of Stone Mother, many boys fell into unsavory Underworld service industries, staffing various resorts, tourists attractions, saloons and eateries, or providing security to Underworld potentates
  • Can be bribed with large amounts of fossil fuels
  • If they ever find out who destroyed the Stone Mother (or, alternately, can be convinced by a plausible enough story), their furnaces will burn with an unprecedented heat of rage, blue flames streaming from their mouths, and they will not stop until those responsible are smashed
Treasure: If you count coal, they usually have pretty vast quantities


  1. Excellent! Love the illustration. Solid and interesting, and I'd love to play one.

  2. Solid and interesting really sums them up. Would make for various fun encounters.