Sunday, November 16, 2014


Number Appearing: 2-12
Size: Average in the human range
Armor: Thick fur as leather
Resilience: As experienced human warrior
Intelligence: It's hard to tell because they're so insane
Communication: Spew obscenities in Underworld common and gibber a good deal
Disposition: Frantic jolliness
Violence: Powerful bite, claws
Enemies: Locked in Darwinian struggle with giant spiders
Aims: Fulfilling primal urges

  • The only special creation of The God that Lives on the Ceiling, who then pronounced their existence an embarrassment and abandoned them to the Underworld
  • Following this heartless abandonment, the ceiling folk underwent a permanent, hereditary psychotic break
  • Blessed/cursed by their creator with inverse gravity, they are strong enough to spring from the ceiling to the floor, seize prey and "fall" back up to their domain
  • Feed upon a wide variety of dungeon vermin, floors of occupied territories frequently littered with rat bones and empty carapaces of giant centipedes
  • Fiercely territorial, ceiling folk crack and dislodge stalactites for use as surprise ceiling-to-surface missiles
  • Spew sticky, black, disease-laden bile in a 10' cone once daily when rattled
  • Will actively seek and destroy any giant spiders attempting to enter claimed territories and will check out any such claims made by crafty adventurers just to be on the safe side 
  • Host to small army of vicious, thumbnail-size fleas who bail out following any terminal event and seek temporary shelter and sustenance from any warm-blooded creatures nearby

Treasure: Defensive bile burns as oil, equivalent of one flask per intact throat-bladder