Tuesday, October 28, 2014

GHULUKUROS, War-God of the Science Fungoids

Number Appearing: Unique
Size: Approximately 20ft. tall
Armor: Hide like elephant leather, only damaged by enchanted weapons, immune to most spells (anti-magic miasma)
Resilience: Able to absorb as much damage as any 3 giants, regenerates
Intelligence: A genius when it comes to fighting, less so as regards all other subjects
Communication: Emits piercing war-cry only but in many subtle nuances
Disposition: Grim determination
Violence: Enchanted Glaive of Dismemberment able to slice a dragon in half in a single blow, noted for sending limbs flying hither and yon, also lashes out with mighty tentacles if faced with multiple foes
Enemies: Chaos godlings of the Underworld
Aims: Eradicate any who might threaten the interests of the Science Fungoid civilization
  • Emits magic-dampening miasma, enveloping Ghulukuros in a 120' diameter cloud that makes breathing difficult, dulls the senses, fogs the mind and causes an irresistible fear in all but the most valiant lesser beings, spells cannot be cast within cloud
  • Not actually a god, just has good PR
  • One of the earliest and most successful subjects of the Science Fungoids' selective breeding program, created in response to perpetual threat of super-potent Chaos godlings
  • Lies inert in nutritive loam-filled sarcophagus, attended by pseudo-priesthood of bio-technicians, jostled back into active duty at need via enormous device similar to defibrillator
  • Regeneration defies most conventional (and outré) violence, but vulnerable to powerful digestive enzymes such as those produced by black puddings and other oozes, a closely guarded secret
Treasure: The Glaive of Dismemberment, laden with eldritch martial energies, while unusable by human size creatures, could capture a fortune from the right giant-size buyer

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  1. Spoiler Alert! Now I've got to stop reading this blog until our never-ending story comes to a close. ;-)