Sunday, October 5, 2014


Number appearing: One or swarm of larvae
Size: 25' including tail
Armor: Skin like elephant leather, no known vital organ, penetration of eye membranes triggers explosion
Resilience: Tough as a hill giant
Intelligence: Like a steel trap
Communication: Telepathic
Disposition: Inscrutable in general, attacks, seemingly without malice, anything penetrating its personal space
Violence: Lethal red eye-beam, tail lash, curb stomp
Enemies: Feared and avoided by sensible Underworld sentients as an unpredictable menace
Aims: Driven by unfathomable instinct to create new pathways and chambers in the Underworld using eye-beams, guided by inhuman aesthetic sensibility
      Red: death energies damaging to all living tissues
      Green: carves tunnels through the underworld like hot knife through butter
      Yellow: probes exposed minds for obscure tidbits of information desirable only to Tyrannoclops
-feeds upon subterranean energies, absorbed through skin
-reproduction ensues upon death, 2d12 larvae rapidly take shape in body cavity, wriggle horribly beneath the skin before erupting forth, weak eye-beams coming on line as they stagger off towards shelter, make war upon one another until only the toughest remains, grows to full size in one week, embarks upon Underworld expansion career
Treasure: keeps no hoard but following a tunneling T-clops may lead to fortunes in gemstones (immune to yellow eye-beams) or reveal previously inaccessible vaults of the Extinct Ones


  1. I like the system-free stats and write-up.

  2. Following (the blog, not the Tyrannoclops. I wouldn't dare follow a Tyrannoclops).

  3. Itchy sculpting fingers imminent.

  4. Me and Jason need to work something out at some point ;)

  5. definitely going to make some 5th edition and GURPS stats for these monsters.

    1. Please do and, if you're so inclined, post them in the comments here.