Monday, October 6, 2014


Number Appearing: 1-6 
Size: Just bigger than human size
Armor: Demi-corporeal form prevents damage from all but enchanted weapons, spells
Resilience: Not so tough if you can hit them
Intelligence: Mentally negligible but believe themselves wise
Communication: Mostly incomprehensible gibbering in vain effort to appear erudite, can indicate assent in all known languages
Disposition: Dutiful, joyless
Violence: Dribbles continuous stream of digestive enzymes, distends hood/mouth to completely engulf human-size targets for agonizing dissolution into entropic sub-particulates, soul-rending claws 
Enemies: As designated by creator
Aims: Singular devotion to duty as assigned by creator
- Contrary to popular belief, not actually from Hell 
- Generated via elaborate sorcery using gore-soaked vestments of brutally sacrificed High Priests of Law
- Like to hang around with master, act as enthusiastic sycophants 
- Devoted servants but tragically credulous, can be convinced to betray creator by logical-sounding arguments plus ego-stroking 
Treasure: Frequently assigned to guard treasure troves hoarded by sorcerers of means but otherwise devoid of possessions


  1. So .... basically a rules lawyer then?

  2. I love the peculiarites bit. I'll have to add that to my monster descriptions.

  3. "can indicate assent in any language." Excellent!