Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Number Appearing: They hunt alone
Size: Roughly human size
Armor: Partially composed of space fungus, easy to strike, difficult to harm
Resilience: As per 4 human warriors, physical weapons inflict only half normal damage
Intelligence: Insect-like
Communication: None as such, but uncanny mimicry ability, can reproduce speech patterns of any previously digested intelligence
Disposition: Cosmic/stupid indifference to everything but the next meal
Violence: Jams hollow proboscis into skull/brain of victim, sucks it out with startling speed, rends w/claws as necessary
Enemies: None as such, but awfully hungry most of the time
Aims: They are hungry, I tell you!

  • Devolved strain of blind antler men never able to adapt to digestion of earthly materials, developed over time into super-specialized soul-eaters, intellect frittered away with disuse until they became at last semi-immortal, single-minded engines of destruction
  • Following consumption of living sentience, psychephage forever able to conjure up personality and project convincing illusion of victim but speech is always a hash of non sequiturs and meaningless soundbites 
  • Smells intellect and always stalks/attacks the brainiest people first, if it consumes a brain containing memorized spells, these are instantly and simultaneously cast, targeting any nearby at random
  • Projects illusion of surrounding terrain to conceal self from prey until ambush opportunity presents itself
  • Sucks out the brains, extracts that certain special something (soul, psyche, whatever), sneezes the remaining tissues out in non-damaging but gratuitous and super-revolting blast
  • Do not reproduce, only a handful remain

Treasure: Eschews the material, but perfect copies of 2d12 personalities from across time and space encoded into cellular matrix in abdominal bladder, sorcerers already at work on magical means of information extraction, will pay heavy gp for undamaged specimen


  1. Aaaand that's how you deal with an over-powered party of players.

    If your brain is sucked out, does that require a combo of regeneration and resurrection? If your soul is consumed, is it at all recoverable, or would there be no point to the regen/res combo?

  2. Also...glad you're feeling better. I've been checking back daily. :-)

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  4. I really like weirdness of these monsters and that there is still pattern which make sure they are not just a chaotic jumble.