Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Number Appearing: 1-12
Size: Human head plus wee limbs
Armor: None
Resilience: Can withstand physical damage as a human head on wee limbs
Intelligence: Exceptionally brainy
Communication: Speak several languages with high-pitched parody of human speech, mutter to one another in personal language as well as shared telepathic link
Disposition: Mood swings as typical in megalomaniacs
Violence: Dagger, spells, bites like hell
Enemies: Fools who dare interfere with their diabolical schemes
Aims: Identical to immediate ancestor only even crazier/more ambitious
- Heinous result of over-indulgence in the black arts, a lifetime of questionable choices/practices, triggered by particularly risky eldritch activity (contacting outer being, casting spells requiring inhuman faculties, etc) whereupon the sorcerer's body suddenly explodes leaving only the head behind which then erupts from within spewing out larval wizard heads, each growing into nearly identical copies (excepting tiny limbs, rows of fangs, and extended jaw) of the original 
- Operate independently but also able to form single super intelligence at need
- Arcane abilities increase in power in direct proportion to the number of heads in proximity (single head equal to fledgling wizard, twelve heads as per arch-mage) 
Treasure: Hoard inherited from original sorcerer


  1. The wizard heads are fantastic. They look like they could be scary as hell.

  2. These are fucking great. The art in particular is well done.

    I actually made something kinda similar to this, except I gave the wizard heads cricket legs.

  3. I'm so glad we never ran into these guys. Where were they hiding?

  4. So good, I want to use these as soon as possible! I might roll a d4 or d6 for no. Appearing though, otherwise they'll eat the poor PCs for lunch.

  5. If the party kills your evil mage too fast, have these on standby for them to fight afterwards. Everyone has to make a Con save when they see them spawn or loose their lunch. (Disadv/minuses to combat for a few rounds)

  6. These are the best! I mean really the best, not seen a better new monsters since I first cracked open a copy of the FF.

  7. These are great. I have a couple walking head sorta monsters in my own campaign and these guys are definitely going to the head of the class.

  8. This is awesome.

    Also kinda fits into the setting background I'm building, whereby after death all wizard brains are automatically forfeit to the Crown. Originally the matter was simply a matter of resource control, but animate wizard heads gives a better excuse to feed the public.


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