Saturday, January 3, 2015


Number Appearing: They operate solo
Size: 12+d12 feet in height
Armor: Eschew most armor, skin as per leather. giant panther-like speed and grace
Resilience: As 10-12 human warriors
Intelligence: Human average, addled by plight
Communication: Speak common tongue w/charming accent and semi-comprehensible backwoods dialect
Disposition: Surly (70%), gigantic mirth (10%), gigantic melancholy (10%), drunk (10%)
Violence: As per giant weapon
Enemies: Wizards, apes, demons, Underworld godlings
Aims: Wander the Underworld in search of thrills, enlightenment
  • When a colossal roaming plume of depleted Chaos and other weird industrial pollutants settled temporarily on their northern village, all but those possessing the hardiest constitutions died instantly or were subject to terrifying and ultimately deadly mutations. Those mighty few who survived were transmuted to giant size, their minds stupefied and permanently confused by this transformation. Giant barbarians share an irresistible urge to descend into the Underworld and quest in the vain hope they might find some escape from their fate, bolstered by a shameful realization that they no longer belong among surface people.
  • Any combat triggers uncontrollable berserk frenzy lasting until all enemies are smashed (5% chance of fatal heart attack per battle), followed by a equal period of inert perspiration
  • Instinct and weird sense of propriety pits the giant barbarian against the many Underworld godlings seeking self-aggrandizement in the depths of the earth
  • Sometimes make rough encampments just outside of major population areas, where they sell their considerable martial skills to the highest bidder, simultaneously holding all parties in equal contempt
  • Easily insulted, wise-ass references to outlandish size frequently met with lethal force
  • Will wrestle monsters for booze (if offered in sufficient dosages)

Treasure: Giant barbarians tend to get drunk and spend booty (frivolously) almost as soon as they acquire it so if you catch them at precisely the right moment they could be loaded down with cash and prizes, otherwise they are broke.

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