Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Number Appearing: 1-4
Size: Elephantine
Armor: Thick, spongy hide and rippling muscle beneath, half-damage from bludgeoning attacks
Resilience: As per 8 human warriors
Intelligence: Somewhere on the scale between exceptionally smart dog and not-so-bright human
Communication: Inherent command of Underworld common in deep, thunderous, ebullient tones
Disposition: Emphatic
Violence: Tentacle slap/seize and constrict, broadcasts plasma beam generated between horns, it could bite you in half but then it would have to actually stop talking for a moment
Enemies: As directed by master
Aims: To herald, create artworks, spew non-stop hype man jabber and apologia in celebration of master 
  • Created by Underworld godling Kwanju prior to his manifestation to announce his advent to the world and ultimately remake it in his image
  • Small clutches of Qual eggs fall involuntarily from Kwanju's gleeful/terrible eyes like tears whenever the godling chooses to become temporarily inert for a fortnight
  • Uses precision plasma beam to cut stone for construction, sculpt statues and bas relief depicting the glory of Kwanju (and other related subjects) with uncanny mastery, also able to blast enemies to tiny bits as needed
  • Sustained by internal power plant fueled by depleted Chaos in a demi-material matrix, born with enough to last hundreds of years, no feeding or housebreaking required!
  • If found in egg form (double-size ostrich egg), sheltered from the elements, transported away from Kwanju's sphere of influence, will upon hatching form instant master-servant bond with the first sentient mind it encounters and immediately begin proselytizing on master's behalf
  • Telepathic bond with master allows two-way communication, one such contact per day, range unlimited 

Treasure: Considers all material wealth to be sole property of the cult of Kwanju and its affiliates

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