Thursday, December 4, 2014


Number Appearing: 1-4
Size: Ten feet from tentacle tip to ocular dome
Armor: Demi-material composition impervious to normal weapons
Resilience: As ten human warriors
Intelligence: Vast and inscrutable
Communication: Non-verbal telepathic psychic intrusion (unpleasant), halting Frankenstein/Tonto/Tarzan-style speech from extensible mouth upon request
Disposition: Impossible to determine 
Violence: Only if attacked, responds with berserk outrage, bites with extensible jaws, destroys minds with psychic overload (see below), projects disintegration ray (as disintegrate spell) three times/day
Enemies: None
Aims: Gather information for unspeakable masters
  • Sent forth by super-potent Outer Entities to psychically record and transmit reports on events throughout the multiverse deemed important or interesting for unknowable reasons
  • Able to travel through the mind-bending, psychedelic transplanar inter-void from reality to reality once per day
  • Once daily, may become invisible or assume form of inanimate objects (as polymorph) to permit long-term clandestine observation (i.e. that decorative sarcophagus in the evil monarch's war room), destroys object in question with disintegration ray, position revealed by detect magic/similar spells and/or innate abilities
  • May project concentrated psychic noise at single target w/in 120' at will, instantly rendering all but the hardiest subjects mentally negligible for 10 minutes, repeated psychic attacks will eventually reduce the target's brain to inert hash
  • If friendly communication can be established, transplanar observers sufficiently bored with their surveillance missions may provide information on events witnessed in the immediate area, done for their own amusement, but only after checking in with dark masters via trans-cosmic telepathy for permission (granted 80% of the time, 20% chance of orders to destroy the adventurers) 

Treasure: A series of semi-solid ducts deep in the creature's demi-material trunk contain a vapor that, if inhaled, grant the ability to travel to another reality (one way only). These must be harvested and utilized immediately before the creature's corpse dissolves into a reeking mist. 

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