Saturday, January 10, 2015


Number Appearing: Unique
Size: 28' tall
Armor: Stout carapace as per plate armor, highly resistant to elements, magic (see below)
Resilience: As 12 human warriors
Intelligence: Incredible facility for engineering, architecture 
Communication: Speaks in a technical jargon of the extinct Genocide Beetles, understands most Underworld dialects
Disposition: Nervous agitation (90%), unbreakable attention to task (10%)
Violence: Incredibly strong limbs, whiplash effect makes blows supremely destructive, hurls found projectiles with uncanny accuracy
Enemies: Those who disrupt works-in-progress, purveyors of construction supplies (summarily killed if they fail to instantly surrender any and all goods needed)
Aims: Lacking current work orders from extinct creators, wanders the Underworld maintaining engineering works of the Beetle culture (stone bridges, toll fortifications, temples, sophisticated high-rise cliff dwellings, etc)
  • Created as a prototype construction slave by the Beetles for their aborted deep space exploration/colonization project but discontinued due to budgetary concerns incurred by perpetual Genocide Wars and set to work in the Underworld
  • Able to survive indefinitely due to self-renewing depleted Chaos metabolism, immune to poisonous gases, highly resistant to magic and environmental factors such as heat, cold, vacuum
  • Stupendous physical strength, able to fold up limbs as accordion as convenient, powerful hands and feet act as multi-tools able to cut stone, act as clamps, drive spikes, etc.
  • Crafts additional tools when engaged in project, liberating raw materials from Underworld traders as needed 
  • Luminous eyes project light of variable intensity up to a distance of 240'
  • In addition to keeping paleogean Beetle architecture in tip-top condition, occasionally seized by wistful yearning for new project and can be highly suggestible during these vulnerable periods
  • Able to perceive and communicate with even the most intangible ghost Beetles still stalking the Underworld (typically haunting ancient dwellings, temples, and laboratories) and always obeys their commands
  • Fears and loathes most humanoids due to centuries of accumulated evidence of their inherent treachery and unpredictable irrationality and will attempt to avoid most contact unless in dire need of work materials
  • If somehow engaged in communication, refers to self as The Custodian, able to provide vague hints about Underworld history, but exclusively through the lens of a deep and abiding interest in architecture and little else 
Treasure: Heaps of costly building supplies if encountered when engaged in project, otherwise nil